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Immersion with

mechanical agitation


Agitation is very common to accelerate a cleaning process. It can be obtained in different ways:

  • blow by compressed air

low investment, high operating cost (air + liquid evaporation + loss of heat) - limited and non homogeneous action - poor efficiency

  • moving the liquid by propellor or pumparound
may be very effective on limited areas and surfaces but its action is not uniform - the pumparound system is also called "hydrokinetic" - increased evaporation of the liquid - higher cost for both investment and operation.
  • moving parts within the liquid

uniform action on all surfaces - no acceleration of liquid evaporation - low operating cost - medium-high investment -

can be used in combination with other methods

  • flow-in-flow-out

it consists of immersing and rising the parts to create a flow through cavities, tubes, conduits - uniform action but higher energy costs due to heat losses, if heated - medium investment

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